Make BIM Accessible

VRcollab’s multiple plug and play products help you utilise that the latest technology and mediums to increase communication, understanding and usability of BIM data regardless of technical skill.

Integrated to your BIM, 3D and CDE Formats

VRcollab allows for users to directly bring in their BIM drawings directly from the native software via integrated plugins. Open 3D formats via drag and drop functionality, and even CDE models and corresponding issues from BIM360, Autodesk Build.

Coordination and onsite issues captured or modified are then automatically generated to a coordination report in formats such as PDF, Excel, Navisworks XML, BCF. While CDE projects have issues automatically synced back.

VRcollab Coordinate™ allows for stakeholders to jump into a design coordination and start navigating, interrogating and marking out issues with intuitive ease. Integrated to your BIM, 3D formats and CDEs.
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Save 21.5 man-hours per week coordinating
VRcollab Dimensions™ allows for users to directly overlay the BIM information onsite to help with pre-installation understanding and post construction checks, while digitalising paper documentation procedures.
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45% time saved onsite in both pre & post installation checks
VRcollab Simulate™ allows you to render beautiful walkthrough videos for tender & 4D sequencing, while providing APIs that allow for developers to create their own Digital Twin Monitoring system with HTML and JavaScript technology.
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VRcollab Studio
BIM to CAVE, 3D Stereoscopic
    VRcollab Studio™ software allows for your CAVE system to bring in BIM, 3D and CDE models for purposes of stakeholder design reviews and inter-disciplinary coordination.
  1. Stakeholders don 3D stereoscopic glasses that allows for depth and perspective on the projected screens
  2. Stakeholders are not isolated from each other visually unlike in VR making for more effective coordination
  3. Intuitive feature sets from VRcollab Coordinate™ to better facilitate meetings
  4. Ability to have remote internet coordinations with Coordinate™ users in real time
Digital Twins by VRcollab
Digital Realtime Assets, IOT
    Digital Twins by VRcollab is a bespoke service that allows for your assets to be digitised, data connected and monitored in real time depending on your needs.
  1. Connect onsite IOT, BMS, CCTV data to a digitised asset created directly from your as-built BIM model into a single platform
  2. Remote monitoring of multiple large construction sites and property assets with real time data
  3. Improve digital connectivity and accredited benchmarking of building assets
  4. Deeper understanding of the correlation of multiple data assets which were fragmented